Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Top Design Trends to Add Into Your Web Development and Marketing

We are much passionate about the most up-to-date trends and web technologies in the ground. This fascinating love drives our Website Development Company and guarantees the development of the superior website, which considerately integrates technologies and makes sense for your company brand.
In the modern world, excellent design and digital assets functionality like social media content and marketing material are necessary to keep customers engaged. We always wish to want our Website Development Company clients to aware of the latest technological trends in the market. Therefore, here we have come up with top latest design trends.

Top design trends now:

Mobile-friendly platform:

In the past few years, mobile has been revolutionized a lot and becoming a tremendously growing platform than anything.  At present, our Website design Company in Mumbai do business through mobile technology to engage with potential customers. Right from the mobile app to mobile commerce, innovation is developing the future of world commerce. As a result, responsive mobile designs make sure extensive accessibility to mobile uses by delving the seamless digital experience.

Video turns websites into channels:

Video has been accessed in site designs and development for many years but it is highly becoming the more prominent aspects. Yes, your site has only 10minutes to attract visitor’s attention and make them engage with the site content.  Video helps our Web design Company in Mumbai a lot to tell our story in the engaging and emotional way. In addition, many people love to watch than read.

Exceptional SEO landing pages:

Traditionally, Search engine optimization (SEO) landing pages were quite big blocks of text that meant to meet the search algorithms. Now, we are seeing plenty of SEO landing pages along with advanced designs. Thus, Google is favoring more user experience and marketers have no longer expect to rank these text-heavy site pages. As of our Website Development Company research, about 20% of people only read the page so that access designs elements to direct the visitor.

Other design trends:

Below are other design trends accessed by our Web design Company in Mumbai.

*      AMP pages
*      Big and Bold hero images
*      Google font
*      Interactive experiences, etc


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